Embraced by medical and health professionals

Dr Botros explains "I felt wow!

"The ErgoFlip® is unique and gives me the immediate ability to move my hips and I can do some of the exercises the physio suggested; pelvic tilts which improves and loosens locked joints which helps alleviate this pain where I don’t feel the urge to always stand up like a normal task chair ..."

Kathryn Anderson - Owner Director Viva Physiotherapy & Master Trainer for APPI.

"As a physio, I’m constantly working to provide solutions to our clients who engage in prolonged static sitting. By combining principles of active sitting and principles from stability-training equipment, the ErgoFlip® provides a two-in-one solution to pain and inactivity.

“The opportunity to have my clients having the equipment to engage their core while sitting, but then rest onto that same piece of equipment really sets the ErgoFlip® apart. This is the first chair I’ve seen of this type and calibre.”

“The ErgoFlip® allows a variety of lumbar spine postures to be adopted throughout the day and it allows some of the active sitting options of an instability surface without the safety risk.” Given its origins in designer Annique Rochecouste’s long battle with lumbar degeneration, the ErgoFlip has a purpose-built approach to providing a high-quality chair in combination with an active sitting surface.”

David Hall - National Chair of APA Occ. Health Physio. Assoc and Director of PHW Group

"I'm glad to see a chair option on the market that allows a more dynamic way of sitting at the desk while not compromising the back support and stability that is important when working for longer durations.”