Collection: The Flip Collection

The ErgoFlip collection offers a  2 in 1 integrated system to provide the user two seating surfaces with the option to simply flip from a conventional upholstered cushion to an active seat similar to a fit ball. (Note: The ErgoSport is sold only with the active cushion however you have the option to add the upholstered cushion) 

The active cushion is designed to allow the user varied sitting positions and postures throughout the day to promote muscular activity which reduces back pain from feeling tight and stagnant,

The active cushion promotes: 

  • Core & back strength 
  • Movement 
  • Better posture 
  • Balance 
  • Energy expenditure 
  • Blood flow 
  • Relief of spinal spinal load

Choose to support your health and wellbeing and get the most out of your work day with the ErgoFlip.