Sit-Active Program

Exercises can be performed on both office & home chair

Sit-Well Active Program video tutorials supported by Kathryn Anderson, Director Viva Physiotherapy and a Master Trainer for the APPI 

Introduction to the Sit-Active Program

Tutorial 1 Sit-Active - ErgoFlip® Lumbar Pelvic Motion

Tutorial 2 Sit-Active - ErgoFlip® Balance and Strength for the Lumbar Spine

Tutorial 3 Sit-Active - ErgoFlip® Using Resistance Band For Core Strength and Arms

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Our bodies are not designed to sit still.

The makers of ErgoFlip have joined forces with one of Australia’s leading Physiotherapists and a Master Trainer for the APPI, Kathryn Anderson, Director Viva Physiotherapy, in creating an innovative and unique training program to educate clients to engage in active sitting. 

Called Sit-Well, this revolutionary training program, complete with step-by-step video instructions, will showcase easy to follow exercises, using a suite of equipment to challenge your current exercise program.

Be part of the active sitting revolution.

How the ErgoFlip Benefits.

Kathryn Anderson, Physiotherapist explains, “We strive to ensure that everyone has a chance to Sit-Well, and the ErgoFlip is designed specifically to break the monotony of static postures and encourage active sitting. You will notice when you sit on the ‘motion cushion’, the gentle & flexible nature of the sitting surface accommodates the natural shape of the pelvis, in addition to creating an active surface for the surrounding muscles to work the way they were designed.

You will particularly note the way the sitting surface actively supports the lumbar spine.

It is common that sitting on a regular chair promotes lumbar flexion, or posterior pelvic. Those with lower back pain will often find this position aggravates their pain. Due to the active movement that’s encouraged by the ErgoFlip, the user has a greater ability to hold neutral spine, and therefore to unload the spinal structures. This is true not just of the lumbar spine and pelvis region, but of the entire back, through the conversion of the ‘C’ shaped spine which helps to unload and relieve the entire spine.

The dynamic nature of the sitting surface encourages the active muscles to work and achieves our goal of sitting well.”

The Ergoflip has been listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) Medical Device Class 1 under registration No: 305942 which has a ruling of GST free by Australian Tax Office.