The ErgoFlip Promotes Activity While Seated

Stay Fit Without Leaving Your Chair

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Don’t be sedentary; we are built to move

  • ErgoFlip fit ball chair

    Flip to Active Sitting

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Why does my back hurt when I sit in a chair?

Static posture increases stress in the back, shoulders, arms, and legs – adding large amounts of pressure to the back muscle and spinal discs. The posture of your spine is reliant on constant flexibility and movement to keep itself pliable. This is why Ergoflip is redefining the future of ergonomics, by stimulating the spine and turning sedentary seating into active seating.

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The 2 in 1 ErgoFlip offers two seating surfaces, with the option to flip the upholstered cushion to an active seat similar to a fit ball.

The active cushion is designed to provide gentle and rotational movement for the spine and helps negate the harmful muscular discomfort caused by sitting. 

ErgoFlip creates better posture and increases energy levels and blood flow, all through core activation.  

  • Chair that reduce back pain

    Reduce back pain

    Promote core engagement and back strength, and relieve your spine with ErgoFlip.

  • Chair that improve posture

    Improve Posture

    Boasts ergonomic adjustable features to suit various body heights, with back and seat angles that can be free-floating or lockable.

  • Improve stamina at work

    Increase Energy Levels

    Flip between an ordinary seat to an integrated fit ball surface to improve your stamina for desk work and productivity.

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The Flip Collection

The Flip Collection

The ErgoFlip collection offers a  2 in 1 integrated system to provide the... 

  • Australian Made

    Proudly made throughout Australia, helping to strengthen communities and build resilience in the nation’s workforce.

  • Fully accredited

    ErgoFlip is produced by an accredited ISO-9001 manufacturer, with certifications that reflect a commitment to quality, leadership and systems which deliver consistently safe products

  • TGA approved

    ErgoFlip is registered and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which is overseen by the Australian Government.

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    I use the chair everyday and as I do some diamond painting everyday and I am moving picking up the beads then putting them on the picture I am making a lot of moves and I find that it helps my back a lot as I have back problems so I a really happy with the chair certainly recommend it

    -Peter B.-

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    Best Chair in Town

    "The fact that you can exercise or move more whilst sitting, as when you do spend a lot of time with your laptop or meetings I feel I am not getting as stiff by just sitting or being seated.
    Great product and have told quite a few colleagues who are looking at the product"


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    I love this chair!

    I love sitting on the ergo-flip chair! I’ve had it for nearly a week and feel fitter already. The quality is very, very good and the controls are simple and easy to use. It has certainly made my day! The friendly service and advice from Annique was an added bonus! I highly recommend this wonderful chair.

    -Brenda W.-

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Innovative product

    What an amazing, innovative product to arrive in the market!
    As a younger individual that suffers from neck and back pain as a result of poor posture, I cannot thank this chair enough!
    Not only has it helped me to improve my posture when I am sitting down at my desk studying, but I found I'm getting a lot more work done then I was before.

    -Chrystelle D.-

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