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Flipping Chair

How to flip: hold the side handles and flip horizontally


Making the most out of your ErgoFlip

ErgoFlip has been designed to provide bouts of movement that can reduce spinal load and prevent musculoskeletal discomfort during extended hours of sitting.

ErgoFlip comes complete with two interchangeable seating surfaces, one a stable ergonomic cushion, one similar to a fit ball; the Active Cushion.

The Active Cushion is what separates ErgoFlip from other desk chairs on the market, promoting movement, bringing the benefits of a fit ball to an ergonomic desk chair and offering the user multiple sitting positions.

The ErgoFlip features height adjustability for the seat and backrest to boost lumbar support and seat tilt control to individualise the chair to every user. 


Use recommendations

To best maximise your ErgoFlip, set an alarm every one to two hours at your desk to remind yourself to take a breath, stretch and move. During this mini break, flip to the Active Cushion and activate your spine and boost blood flow.

For a longer work break, use the ErgoFlip for a short and sweet workout (we recommend around half an hour) and remember to always keep your back supported by adjusting the backrest accordingly.

You may choose to just sit and allow the ErgoFlip to move you naturally throughout the day or integrate some gentle exercises (shown below) to create movement around the lumbar-pelvic region.

For more exercise tips refer to our Sit-active program.


Stay safe while you work

As excited as you are to start using the ErgoFlip, it’s important to remember that when starting any new movement or exercise, always ease into the exercises to safely find your personal comfort limit.

Some mild discomfort may be experienced, but if significant pain is felt then cease exercises or try a gentler workout, and consult a health professional for alternative options.


Try and have a posture break every 20-30 minutes

Safe Work Australia recommends a break in posture (stretch, micro-exercise) every twenty to thirty minutes. Advising that to reduce musculoskeletal discomfort associated with prolonged sitting, desk workers should integrate movement, varied postures and increase energy expenditure into their day.


  • Micro-breaks: A micro-break is less than two minutes long and ideal to do between bouts of computer work; stretch, stand up and move around to release tension and break your posture. A micro-break isn't necessarily a break from work, but a break from using a set of muscles.
  • Exercise breaks: An exercise break refers to gentle exercises to relieve muscle fatigue, these should be done every one to two hours (examples shown in Tutorial 1 below).


Why does ErgoFlip work? 

ErgoFlip doesn’t have thousands of happy customers for no reason, it’s backed by science and designed by physiotherapists for ultimate comfort. 

By featuring two cushions, you can easily flip and activate the core cushion option, which constantly engages abdominal muscles and encourages muscles to activate and hold the spine upright. 

Improving core strength means improving posture, balance, stability and overall health.

"The gentle lateral and rotation movements of the instability surface helped to alleviate my own lower back pain during extended hours of sitting,” ErgoFlip owner and founder, Annique Rochecouste.


The health benefits

The ErgoFlip allows your body to move intuitively, promoting natural postures and alleviating muscular tension, which encourages the body to adapt to its natural dynamic position.

ErgoFlip promotes:
- Core/back strength
- Movement
- Better posture
- Balance
- Energy expenditure
- Blood flow
- Reduced spinal load

“The ErgoFlip loosens locked joints and alleviates the pain that comes from direct pressure on the spine,” Family Care Clinic General Practioner, Dr Botors.

ErgoFlip comes complete with 2 interchangeable seating surfaces.

The Active Cushion boasting all the health benefits of a fit ball and a conventional cushion which converts into an office task chair. The ErgoFlip is an innovative ergonomic office chair which offers the user multiple sitting positions. The key feature of the Ergoflip is an interchangeable cushion which allows the user to use a variety of sitting positions and postures throughout the day to promote muscular activity.

The ErgoFlip is designed to reduce the negative consequences of prolonged static sitting and increase lumbopelvic motion throughout the day when compared to a traditional office chair. The ErgoFlip with ergonomic features has a high adjustability, seat height, backrest height adjustment for lumbar support, seat tilt control to individualise the device to the user.

Research has shown that dynamic stimuli on a seat can reduce pain for people who have lower back pain.

Reclaim your body from discomfort and curb the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, with the ErgoFlip Ergonomic two-in-one Active Office Chair.