Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 | How to unbox and assemble the ErgoFlip Chair?

Refer to ErgoFlip guide book that you receive on purchase or watch this video

Q2 | How to pump and release air from Active Cushion?

Please watch this quick video

Q3 | How often should I flip to my Active Cushion?

Recommend a postural change every 1 to 2 hours. Refer to "How to Use" page for more information 

Q4 | How to best FLIP my Cushion?

Please watch this video

Q5 | How long should I sit on my Active Cushion?

This may vary to the individual. Refer to "How to Use" menu for more information

Q6 | How should I use my Active Cushion?

By simply sitting to allow your natural postural movement or the option to combine gentle exercises refer to "Sit Active Program" menu

Q7 | Can I remove my Active Cushion?

We recommend you don’t unless you need replacement.

Q8 | What does AFRDI approved components mean?

Relevant mechanisms and other components have been independently tested to ASNZS 4438:1997 by Furntech-AFRDI to comply to Australian standards. Refer to "Certifications" menu

Q9 | What does my warranty cover?

Refer to warranty section in this link

Q10 | How to apply the Active Cushion cover

Please watch this video