ErgoFlip Survey Responses

The feedback below are some of the responses extracted from a survey (question 11) asking what the individual likes the most about the ErgoFlip. The survey was conducted across Government and private organisations based on trials and purchases. 

Please note the ErgoFlip Stool was also trialled as a device used by health professionals for treatment.

Australia Post

Reported by: Anas Dib

Injury Management & Prevention / RTW

On 24 Sep 2019, at 10:54 am, Dib, Anas  wrote:
“Good afternoon Troy and Anas
 I wish to  express an enormous thank you and advise I am a very happy at Tamworth depot.
 My ErgoFlip is much appreciated and now exercising muscles, practising balance, in a more comfortable work area.
Thank you again”

“Hi Anas,
 The chair has forced me to sit with a straight back. 
 I have noticed myself sitting with better posture and getting less neck aches. 
 Currently highly recommend to staff who are at their computer for long stretches of the day.”

Latrobe Council

Name: Anne Klemen

Occupation: Accounts Team Leader

Condition: Back pain and down my legs

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. My Physiotherapist Nitin was the one who recommended the ErgoFlip and encourage me to move every 25-30 mins using the ErgoFlip chair and my sit/stand desk.  Between the two my pain is now manageable. When you are sitting on the rubber side it is very comfortable and the foam is perfect as well not too soft or firm.  I like the back tilts in and that you can also tilt the seat

Dulux Group

Name: Marie Frederic

Occupation: Paints Australia Master Data controller

Condition: Have issue with lower back and neck

Q.In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. My back stiffens up as I sit all day and do spreadsheet work so moving is a plus It adjusts to your body so you can wiggle until you are comfortable. I have noticed that I am not as stiff and I don't stand up sore and stiff.

Dulux Group

Name: Mark Cornish

Occupation: National Sales Training Manager

Condition: Nil

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. Like the introduction of using core muscle group with the ErgoFlip

Dulux Group

Name: Michael Acquaviva

Occupation: Vic/Tas State Training Manager

Condition: Back pain

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. It motivates you to get up and move. I like the idea that you can rock in it and move. But also it makes you sit upright 

Vision Australia 

Name: Troy Pearl 

Occupation: National Wellbeing Health and Safety Manager People and Culture

Condition: Nil

The feedback received from those who have trialled the Ergo Flip chair to date is as follows:

  • I thought the chair was great. Really felt it had provided a workout after using it for a brief period.  Encourages movement. Both sides were comfortable. Would like one myself!
  • I love this chair. Took a while to work out how to stay on it, but now I love it.  It might not be as comfortable for someone without core strength, but it would suit someone who wants to work on core strength. Also, because of the requirement to find balance when sitting on it, you are less likely to sit incorrectly, e.g. poor posture, sitting on one leg ;-) etc. If we buy some of these, can I have one?
  • I really like it. Both sides of the seat too. I quite like the fit ball side. I really like the shape of the back of the chair and I don’t find this chair itchy on my legs like the purple ones :) I’m all for it :) I’d have one if they are on offer.

TNT Head Office - NSW 

Name: Nea Saunders

Occupation: National Injury Manager

Condition:  Yes, back pain from fractured coccyx

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. I like the comfort of the fit-ball 

Family Care Clinic

Name: Dr Nashwa Botros

Occupation: General Practitioner

Condition: Severe chronic low back pain secondary to mechanical dysfunction post lumbar spine fusion as well as 3 disc prolapse

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. It is a very versatile product, can be used as ordinary chair at times as a physio ball in other times. I believe it helps strengthening the pelvic muscles with the continuous movement and reduces the muscle the stiffness that almost accompanies every lower pain, which develops with time as protective mechanism initially but becomes a chronic problem later on. I definitely saw some improvement and even strength in lower back muscles and increased endurance in my routine since using the chair.


Name: Glenn Carmichael

Occupation: UX UI Designer

Condition: I have consistent lower back pain from injuries, as well as issues with my coccyx also from injuries

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. I like the level of adjustability, not just height but angle of the base and the rear support. I used the air cushion 100% of the time, but it was useful that you could flip the base as my wife alternated between the two pretty regularly.


Name: Natalie Woodfull

Occupation: Head of Partnerships Telstra

Condition: Nil

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. I always use the exercise ball side of chair cushion and I requires me to engage my core the entire day. I LOVE the option to have the exercise ball as the chair cushion – this is amazing and easy to change if I need to for whatever reason.

Liesel Harris

Occupation: Teacher

Condition: Tightness

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. While sitting, I would move more. Because with the ‘ball’ part of the seat, I wiggle and move around, then an hour later, I would stand up to flip to the regular seat and vice versa.

The ‘ball’ part prevented my lower back from getting sore when I was sitting for hours at a time, which would normally cause me to feel tight and uncomfortable.

DHHS Dept of Human Services - Melbourne

Name: Edward Chan

Occupation: OHS Advisor

Condition: Nil

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. The air cushion seat is good at facilitating small movement and muscle activation during sitting

DHHS Dept of Human Services - Melbourne

Name: Neil Ashe

Occupation: IT Analyst

Condition: Lower back tightness/pain

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. It is soft on my rear, it encourages me to maintain better posture and my back is less tight

Fifty Zoo

Name:Tony Ockleshaw 

Occupation: Business Owner

Condition: Back and hip pain (from a broken back 25 years ago)

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. I already move a lot at work however when sitting at a chair I tend to have poor posture and can’t sit for prolonged periods. The ErgoFlip Chair naturally keeps me sitting upright and keeps my core moving. I have used exercise balls in the past however they are never the correct height, look dreadful in an office and provide no arm or back support. I really didn’t like the chair when I first sat on it but I could see the concept and how it would work. It really didn’t take any more than 30 minutes before it became a completely natural seating position and I now really do love the chair. I actually look forward to sitting in it as it keep’s my core working constantly without knowing it. I noticed a vast improvement in my back pain after spending just a few hours in the chair over two or three days… Sounds a bit corny but I really do think the chair is terrific!

Vive Group

Name: Sophie Le Minh

Occupation: Office Manager

Condition: I’ve had a stiff neck for over a year.

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. My neck discomfort was gone after 3 days of using it! I wasn’t sure if it was because of an increase of activity that week, but it appears my neck has been fine for the last 3 weeks (so basically since using the chair). My sitting posture has improved as I now sit straight and rarely cross my legs at my desk.  It is really comfortable and I don’t find myself constantly changing position. I use it on the ball side for most of the working day and switch it back sometimes to the normal chair position for the last couple of hours at the desk.

Fairhaven Homes

Company: Katarina Lane

Occupation: Documentation Manager

Condition: Tension

Q. In, your own words, what are the things that you like most about the product

A. Release tension in the lower back muscles & helps with blood circulation


ErgoFlip® Health Professionals Testimonials

AIDAN RICH APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Occupational Physiotherapy and Spinal Management

" The Ergoflip is an ergonomic chair which offers the user multiple sitting positions. The key feature of the Ergoflip is an interchangeable cushion which allows the user to use a variety of sitting positions and postures throughout the day.

The device is designed to reduce the negative consequences of prolonged static sitting, and promote increased lumbopelvic motion throughout the day when compared to a traditional office chair.

The device has high adjustibility (seat height, backrest height, backrest tile, seat surface, other) to individualise the device to the user. 

Previous research has  shown that dynamic stimuli on a seat can reduce pain with prolonged sitting (in people who already have low back pain).

ErgoFlip Stool

"We have found the Ergoflip stool to be a useful tool in our clinic during classes, when performing manual therapy techniques, and when undertaking administrative/computer tasks"

DAVE HALL - National President Occupational Health Australian Physiotherapy Association, and Director of PHW Group Endorsed the ErgoFlip 2 in 1 Ergonomic Chair

“It's great to have a product like this on the market now, providing a nice blend of dynamic opportunity to work your core, while also providing the back support required for longer durations of sitting” 

Miranda Carty, Physiotherapist Bupa Therapy

The ErgoFlip has application for use as an aid to Physiotherapists when working with a neuro population for controlled balance retraining. This is a nice segue for high level, standing balance activities to an unstable, seated position challenging the core and righting reactions in all planes of movement. Trunk and pelvic dissociation at a high level can be challenged as can pelvic tilt in the right patient cohort. 

Further application of this equipment exists for the post natal client looking to retrain pelvic floor and lower abdominals and obliques in a 3D plane. 

Ryan Ebert, Physiotherpaist, Operations Manager at Bupa Therapy Clinic

ErgoFlip gives us a sensation to be on a fit ball without the instability and risk with a fit ball so we can further challenge patients as we’re rehabbing them in lower back pain, post pregnancy, those recovering from a stroke and for those who to add mobility into the spine.

Kathryn Anderson Physiotherapist / Master Trainer for APPI and Owner of Viva Clinic ErgoFlip stool used for treatment and runs a workshop on “How to Improve Your Stamina for Desk Work” and  highly recommends active seating using the ErgoFlip 2 in 1 Active Ergonomic Office chair for clients

"As a physio, I’m constantly working to provide solutions to our clients who engage in prolonged static sitting. By combining principles of active sitting and principles from stability-training equipment, the ErgoFlip® provides a two-in-one solution to pain and inactivity.

“The opportunity to have my clients having the equipment to engage their core while sitting, but then rest onto that same piece of equipment really sets the ErgoFlip® apart. This is the first chair I’ve seen of this type and calibre. The ErgoFlip® allows a variety of lumbar spine postures to be adopted throughout the day and it allows some of the active sitting options of an instability surface without the safety risk.”


“We’ve been loving the ErgoFlip stool at the clinic and I can’t wait to do even more with it and I’m going to run the workshop“ How to Improve Your Stamina for Desk Work”.